Egyptian Hieroglyph I7

Diamagnetism / Levitation

Experiments have been conducted on Frogs at Radboud University, Nijmegen in the Netherlands showing that the Frog is a diamagnetic animal, meaning it can levitate in a magnetic field of 16T.

The Frog is an animal that levitates in a relatively weak magnetic field when compared to other animals, some experiements have recorded magnetic fields as low as 10T required to levitate the Frog. By comparison, a baby mouse for example, requires a stronger magnetic field in the region of more than 17T .

The Frog therefore has a special characteristic that indicates the Magnetic Field Strength, it is also often shown adjacent to the vertical measuring palm confirming this feature of the Frog as a measure of magnetic field strength. The higher the Frog jumps adjacent to the vertical measuring palm, the stronger the magnetic field.

Instead of using units of Tesla to indicate magnetic field strength, the height of a Frog jump is used...