Egyptian Hieroglyph N5


The Sun's surface is strewn with complex magnetic fields. Only electricity can produce magnetic fields. Therefore, the Sun must be understood in terms of electric circuits - Nun, Isis, Maat, Nut, Hathor and Neith provide an explanation for these circuits.

Aker explains the Sun and its environment in terms of electrodynamics and circuit theory.

In its relationship to the galactic environment the Sun is shown as the anode or positively charged body.

On Earth, when a high-voltage power transmission line discharges into the surrounding air the noisy glow is called a 'corona discharge.' Much the same phenomenon occurs in the corona discharge of the Sun.

The equatorial plasma current ring or torus that surrounds the positively charged Sun is clearly visible when viewed from the Suns poles, and was taken by Spacecraft Ulysses on its polar orbit. The image provides conclusive proof that the Egyptian civilization was aided by advanced life or Gods.

Because this hieroglyph has always been known and understood as meaning the Sun