Egyptian Hieroglyph Y8


This Sistrum is not a musical instrument as is misunderstood by mainstream Egyptology, but rather a crude tool for indicating charge events.

The rods are shaped as Snakes, with reared up hoods and according to this defines a solar ejection from the Sun.

Once more, Plutarch said: "That the shaking of the four bars within the circular apsis indicated the agitation of the four elements (water/sea, air, ground, fire) within the magnetic field or compass of the world, by which all things are continually destroyed and reproduced."

Therefore the Sistrum is a device with discs that shake due to the influence of an external electric field and is used as a precursor to detect electrical events driving earthquakes, storms, and volcanoes powered by solar ejection from the Sun.

It can be understood as a crude 'Power Meter' or warning device for detecting CME eruptions as the discs on the Snakes body would rattle indicating a solar charge event occuring.